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Active Minds at TU (Active Minds)

Active Minds is a mental health advocacy organization, dedicated to eliminating the stigma surrounding mental illness. By promoting education and raising awareness, we hope to change the conversation about mental health.

Actors Anonymous (Student Theater Group)

This is a 100% student run group, where we produce musicals, plays, and other theatrical events. Every semester, we produce two shows as well as holding general meetings each week. Fall: musical and a one act. Spring : Full length play and cabaret.

Actuarial Science and Risk Management Club (ASRM)

Our club represents the Actuarial Science and Risk Management program within the Department of Mathematics at Towson University. We work to promote the program to new students, as well as provide academic support and networking opportunities

African Diaspora Club (ADC)

The mission of the African Diaspora Club (ADC) at Towson University is to celebrate and positively portray diverse cultures of Africa, by encouraging and supporting academic excellence, building community and promoting networking.

Agapé Campus Christian Fellowship (Agapé at Towson)

Agapé Campus Christian Fellowship is dedicated to embodying the message and power of God’s unconditional love with college students through meeting together to pray, worship, study the Bible, fellowship, and participate in campus/community service events

AIGA Towson University Student Group (Towson AIGA)

AIGA, the professional association for design, is the place design professionals turn to first to exchange ideas and information, participate in critical analysis and research and advance education and ethical practice.  The Towson University

All-Star Cheerleading Club (Stunt/AS Cheer)

The Towson All-Star Cheer Club is a competitive cheerleading club consisting of two teams. We practice 3 nights a week. In the Spring we compete in local and out of state competitions as an allstar level open 5/6 team and as an all-star open level 4 team

Allure Dance Troupe (ADT)

Allure is a dance team that incorporates movements from different styles of dance to create incredible dances. In the past, we have choreographed pieces including jazz, pointe, ballet, contemporary, modern, tap, hip-hop, etc.

Alpha Phi (AΦ)

-AΦ- Alpha Phi is an International Fraternity that exists throughout the United States and Canada. We were founded by 10 women in 1872 in Syracuse, NY at Syracuse University. Here at Towson, we were founded in 1990 and currently have 100 sisters!

Alpha Epsilon Phi (AEPhi)

Aid in the development of exemplary woman through intellectual and cultural activities, social life and service to community, country and humanity.

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